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Legal advice is the advice that a lawyer provides to you with respect to your specific legal case based on their expertise and experience, such as advice on what could be the legal outcome of a situation; Recommend that you take certain measures or advise yourself to do nothing. Legal advice includes the first informal contact you make with a lawyer (e.g. via our legal advice hotline) as well as advice if you become a client. That`s why our criminal law firm in Sydney operates a 24-hour helpline for criminal defence lawyers, which is available 7 days a week for urgent criminal advice. Request free legal assistance through Justice Connect`s online tool. This tool helps people understand if they are eligible for Justice Connect services and connect with free legal aid lawyers and pro bono lawyers. If you have been charged with a crime or have an urgent application for bail, you will need legal advice and expert representation. Fourtree Lawyers Central Coast offers 24/7 legal assistance. Call us before talking to the police. Learn more Ask your legal question online with Justice Connect Answers. This online platform connects people with real lawyers who can answer simple legal questions – for free and online. Community legal centres are independent non-governmental organizations that provide free legal assistance to individuals and communities when such assistance is most needed.

Lawyers who specialize in providing urgent legal advice – when you need it most. If you need a lawyer now, we can help you today, wherever you are in Australia. To request immediate legal assistance in your legal affairs from a lawyer at your New South Wales site, please fill out our FREE legal application form on the left or click here. Traffic offences require expert legal representation in order to minimise possible penalties. Don`t risk your license, income, or job. An article 10 may be possible. Our Central Coast lawyers will explore all avenues to give you the best result. Read more The charge of a serious vehicle violation is a devastating blow to the affected driver and the company he works for. Because a driver`s livelihood can depend on a clean driving record and remaining licensed, it`s important to seek legal advice from a lawyer experienced in heavy vehicles. If you need urgent legal advice, call our free 24-hour helpline for criminal defence lawyers in Sydney now at 1300SILENT (1300-745-368).

Trying to solve legal problems can be stressful, exhausting and scary. If you encounter any problems, help is available. Before becoming a client, advice is only of the nature of a general comment and does not lead to a relationship between the lawyer and the client. However, once you have signed a client contract or met other legal requirements, the advice you receive is more formal and is provided as part of your contract with your lawyer. A women`s rights centre that provides legal representation, advocacy, advice and referrals to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, children and youth. We provide judicial representation from Sydney to Newcastle including – Gosford Local Court, Gosford District Court, Wyong Local Court, Woy Woy Juvenile Court, Belmont Local Court, Toronto Local Court, Hornsby Local Court and all Sydney and Newcastle Courts. As a law firm on the Central Coast, we have extensive experience in presenting questions to local judges and judges, which means we can provide our clients with effective representation and the best possible results. Our legal team lives and works on the Central Coast and is available to provide a quick response to urgent legal questions when they arise. There are many complex laws, regulations and procedures in the New South Wales legal system that may be related to your legal situation. We understand your legal needs and help you find the right lawyer you need to effectively exercise your legal rights, legal claims and remedies. LawAccess NSW is the best starting point to solve a legal problem in New South Wales. It is a free government telephone service that provides legal information, advice and recommendations to people who have a legal problem in New South Wales.

It is not necessary to have your legal case assessed by a lawyer on the Go to Court Lawyers legal helpline at 1300 636 846.

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